Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Folding" -- a video by Joshua Heim

Welcome to the MAccentS LiveStream. This blog will document, reflect, inspire, and host the ongoing collaborations and dialogues in the LiveStream Media Lab project imagined for The University of Washington's Bothell campus.

For our inaugural post, we offer a sample of the collaboration briolage of Joshua Heim's "Folding" project. With music, dance, gesture, geography, sculpture, history, and video, Josh offers a brief documentation of his "folding" process--i.e., the influence and overlap of genealogies and the entanglement of theory and praxis.

1 comment:

  1. Josh - I find the combination of light, sound, and delay particularly powerful. The shakiness of the strings remind me of vocal chords vibrating as if the voice of the strings has come alive.

    Well done. Would you be interested in co-curating an exhibit on Hall in the hall? If so, let's meet in the live stream lab at 2 on Wednesday.